Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What Century is it Again?

Apparently in Maryland you can have an all-white golf club. What's more, the governor decided to have a fundraiser at such a place.

Think Progress notes that in Maryland,
private clubs are allowed “to exclude women, Jews, blacks and other minority groups if its members so desire.”
It's astonishing to think that such a law is so explicit. I'm sure that you could have an exclusive club for any ethnic group, but the wording itself tells you who isn't wanted by the those in power. What is wrong with these people? Is Tiger not good enough for you? What about Vijay? I guess I can't understand the mentality of such a small mind that essentially says, "oh what a nice day for golf, I'm having so much fun out here on the course. Oh wait... Is that a black guy over there? Dammit Cletus, now my day is ruined!" Get a clue racists.