Friday, October 21, 2005

Slow News Day

I was talking to Deb about this:

I am consumed by small concerns.

Right now I'm waiting to hear if the government will give me a loan for schooling. I need the loan, because I need the schooling for the career I want.

I think very little about this.

I will however worry for an entire day whether my shirt is cool.
I will curse you out if you cut me off in traffic.
I will have a mental argument about whether my amp produces highs with good definition.
I will ponder whether big DJ headphones would be better than the stock iPod earbuds.

And I will do this long before worrying whether my loan will be approved.


This girl at my work, despite everyone's suggestion that it was a bad idea, has taken up smoking to lose weight. First of all, she seems fit enough as it is, and second, everyone - even the smokers at work - told her this was stupid.


I haven't listened to old (1980s) R.E.M. in quite a while, so I thought I might do that. I keep hearing "Begin the Begin" in my head. R.E.M. is a curious case, because they were SO BIG from 1991 to 1995 and then they sort of faded. You don't even hear there stuff on the radio that much anymore. Actually you don't hear much early-mid 1990s stuff out there any more. It's too new for classic rock stations (Q107) but I guess not new enough for, say, The Edge or something. Same with Vs.-era Pearl Jam. I think it still sounds good but there's really not a place on the dial for it.