Saturday, November 05, 2005

College & Euclid: The Best of a Bad Situation

This weekend I'm stuck working every day. What's worse is that it's every day in the morning. That being the case, any attempt to do anything in the evening this weekend is pretty badly shot up. Case in point: Neil and I wanted to see Jarhead, because everyone said it was quite good. I like Sam Mendes and I like Jake Gyllenhaal, so I figure that this movie has a lot goin for it. Anyway, apparently the hot new trend is terrible show time scheduling. Almost all the theatre times for Jarhead were either at 7pm or after 10pm. 10pm is too late for my early morning tomorrow, and it was already after 7pm when I picked up the paper. Apparently the theatre chains are actively trying to drive away my business.

All that notwithstanding, Neil and I decided to do something anyway, because after all, it's Saturday night. In that vein we managed to get down to College and Euclid to go to Kalendar. Good food, beer, coffee (with Kahlua and something else I forget). Like I said, given the time constraints, going to get a decent meal in Little Italy constitutes a pretty successful evening I'd say. Sure there's more that could've been done, but not on my schedule (or Neil's for that matter, he was pretty much in the same boat). On a positive note, some people recognised Neil from a car and were yelling about how they love his dancing ('cause he's a dancer). It freaked out Neil, but I thought it was cool - he's famous now!