Thursday, February 01, 2007

Silence & Killing

I've not posted much of anything this week. Why? Well, life goes on outside of blogging, I guess that's the short answer. I've also been a loss for much to write about. I read Mark Steyn's column in this week's Maclean's, and while his stupidity, extremism, and really lame attempts at wit usually give me some inspiration. This week though he can be dispatched with this condensation of his his column: Dinesh D'Souza says we should censor our culture to appease the Muslims, Mark Steyn says we should censor our culture to appease Mark Steyn.

Of course I can't really link to Steyn's words because, as usual, both Steyn and Maclean's are dreadfully inconsistent about posting Steyn's columns online. Perhaps one or both parties are embarrassed by them.

Now that I've explained the silence, what about the killing? Well, one thing that every cat-owner knows is that most cats (those under, say, 20lbs) are really just cuddly killing machines.

Except that they aren't.

Every cat owner really knows that they are cuddly torture machines. Have you ever seen a cat with a mouse? As much as I am not a fan of indoor mice, what cats do to them seems inexplicably cruel. Once captured, the mouse is paraded around for a bit in the cat's jaws, there is this game of letting it run, stomping it, letting it run, et cetera. It can go like this for over ten minutes (an eternity for the mouse). I cannot figure out an evolutionary advantage to torturing your prey, but then I am not a biologist.

Anyway, last night, since a certain cat would not kill, I was the one who had to. This is not the first time that a cat has forced me into this sort of unenviable position, but this time all I had to work with was a running shoe. It's a hell of a way to go, but better than the alternative I suppose.

Anyway, that is what I did instead of blogging last night.