Friday, March 02, 2007

Harper's Dirty Wars?

There was something posted on Buckdog a couple days ago that continues to bother me. Jason Kenney, the man Harper put in charge of drumming up ethnic votes said the following:
“[Canada] will pursue every possible avenue in concert with our allies to ensure that [Iran] does not come into possession of nuclear weapons, which could unleash unimaginable violence.”
Every avenue? Normally this would just seem like posturing, but remember we have 2000 troops in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Now I'm not saying that Harper would cast aside our NATO commitments (though it sure is convenient that our main battle tanks are there already). Afghanistan though would be a great operational base for, say, JTF 2. I could see both Hillier and Harper being willing to commit JTF 2 to some kind of foolishness in Iran if they were asked.

We need to ask tough questions when we're being told that Canada is pursuing every avenue. What are we committing to here? Given that no one is ever told what JTF 2 does, I don't think this is far-fetched at all.

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