Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Why Shuffle the Cabinet?

Well here's one bit from the Star:
"Prime Minister Stephen Harper yesterday ended Gordon O'Connor's troubled tenure as defence minister, replacing him with Peter MacKay, a more sure-footed communicator as the future of Canada's role in Kandahar returns to the Commons for debate in the coming months."
So this is all about communications? It's nice to know at least that Harper is expecting his cabinet to be nothing more than salespeople for his ideas. With the possibility of an election sooner rather than later, I can't help but feel that this communications-based shuffle is all about winning the next election. And I'm quite sure that the taxpayers footed the bill for all those cars driving up to Rideau Hall, all the office moving, all the new plaques on doors, all the government web site updates for what is essential partisan pre-election posturing.

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