Monday, September 03, 2007

Hey World! Send us your nuclear waste!

Apparently there is work being done on some kind of US-led nuclear power agreement. From the Star article:
"The initiative, called the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, proposes that nuclear energy-using countries and uranium-exporting countries band together in a new nuclear club to promote and safeguard the industry.

Central to the plan is a proposal that all used nuclear fuel be repatriated to the original uranium exporting country for disposal.

That should be big news in Canada, the world's largest uranium producer."

Oh, I feel good about that. Best of all, the article says that Harper is being characteristically tight-lipped about this. Perhaps he hopes that no one will notice that we are signing on as a nuclear waste-dump. A great deal of Canada's economic history has revolved around harvesting resources, exporting them to other countries that add value, and then buying back the value-added final products. Now we may be agreeing to harvest resources, export them to other countries who add value and then we will be forced to take back the waste. Stand up for Canada, eh Harper?

The Galloping Beaver has more.

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