Tuesday, September 18, 2007

John Tory is in trouble

It appears as though the faith-based schools thing just isn't all that popular. One wonders what it is that prompted Tory to make this a centerpiece of his campaign. I mean I had thought that Tory was painting himself as a sort of Anti-Mike-Harris moderate. It's incongruous to that sort of image to announce a further outflow of funds from public education. Perhaps Tory was simply searching for a policy that would differentiate his brand identity of moderate, prudent government from that of Dalton McGuinty's.

My feeling going into this election was that there just isn't a great desire for change in the province, Tory (and Hampton for that matter) were up against that reality to start with. I think Tory was always going to have to run a stellar campaign with a really solid platform to unseat the Liberals. I suppose this is somewhat good news for the NDP as those cowed into voting Liberal in the last couple elections out of fear of the Common Sense Revolution may not now feel the need to do so.

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