Friday, October 05, 2007

MMP Will Cause Nazis?!

Yes, the Toronto Star is just that desperate to vilify MMP that it allowed Brian Henry to make essentially that assertion today (second column). After Henry repeats the tired nostrums about unstable governments he raises the spectre of hate groups trying to organize a party and then being allowed into a coalition government:
"According to an Association for Canadian Studies survey released Sept. 11, 12 per cent of Canadians don't like Jews. This is better than most places in the world, especially as only 4 per cent have a 'very unfavourable' opinion of Jews. But even 4 per cent is over the threshold a party would need to gain seats under the MMP system."
His preferred alternative would be a one party state, really:
"It might be more fair – that is, it might better reflect the will of the large majority – if we could have a blend of the two centre parties. But that won't happen."
After weeks of poorly-researched fear-mongering the Star has had to resort to someone who prefers one-party rule threatening us with neo-Nazis at the government table if we vote MMP!

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