Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dismantling the RCMP

I put the idea forward in a post the other day. Macleans has an extended critique of the force here. The magazine doesn't appear to endorse my idea as a solution though they did say this:
"In B.C., where nearly a third of RCMP officers are posted—and where critics say criminal networks have gained the upper hand on understaffed Mounties—the stakes are even higher. Two weeks ago, the chief constable of the West Vancouver municipal police floated the idea of a regional force on the Lower Mainland, an idea that would remove the cities of Burnaby, North Vancouver, Richmond and Surrey from the RCMP's bailiwick."
Why limit it to the region? BC, and every other province, ought to get its own provincial force. The RCMP polices far too broad of an area and appears to be doing it ineffectively. What has saved them so far is the romantic image that mounties have in movies and television. Romantic images are not a good basis for policy choices.

Update: Dr. Dawg has been saying this for a while.

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