Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Know Your Rights

Apparently remaining silent is not one of them. The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld the right of police to keep on questioning suspects even after they've repeatedly asserted their rights not to talk.

Heh. So much for the notion of our bleeding-heart liberal activist judges. All this in the wake of several high-profile wrongful convictions makes you wonder what the court the was thinking. Supporters of police will no doubt say that having too many rules hinders the ability of police to "do their job." I would say that forcing police out of the tunnel-vision of badgering the first suspect their encounter is what allows them to really do their job. In a number of wrongful convictions (Morin and Truscott in particular) it appears that once police thought they had their suspect, they ignored all evidence to the contrary.

Wearing down a suspect by infringing his or her rights no doubt gives police the sort of statements that allow them to feed their tunnel vision. This ruling infringes on human rights and allows for more lazy, sloppy police work.

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