Friday, March 28, 2008

Mr. McGuinty, Tear Down this OMB

This story makes me so angry. The local community does not want a big box mall, the mayor does not want it, the local city councillor does not want it, local architects and politicians oppose it too. Why does the province allow the unelected, undemocratic Ontario Municipal Board override these types of concerns.

Very quickly, no one should support the OMB:

The Left-Wing Case Against the OMB:
The OMB is so pro-development that concerns such as community and the environment are often overlooked in its decisions.

The Right-Wing Case Against the OMB:
The OMB is a government bureaucracy that centralizes decision making.

There is no good reason to keep this body around unless you are in the developer lobby. The province ought, especially in the case of larger cities, to remove the OMB's power of veto over local decisions.

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