Tuesday, February 15, 2005

You Lost Already, Give It Up!!!

I had heard of this so-called Politically Incorrect Guide to American History before, and thought that it was the sort of thing that made the rounds of gun shows and Civil War re-enactments. Apparently this silly text is actually selling in considerable numbers. Fortunately there is fairly effective refutation here. The thing that I find fascinating is that this guy accomplishes his re-imagining of all of American history in under 300 pages. The guy writing this thing is from one of these silly organizations that want the South to rise again. So his particular bent on American History is predictable in that sense. What I cannot understand is how these people just cannot let go of their own mythological past. I say mythological because if you read what these people are on about, I think it really resembles myth more than anything. The South was interested in the propagation of slavery. Let's think about that, and examine that. The South wanted to maintain and expand a system that dehumanized an entire race and tore apart the families and communities of a people in the interest of its own economic well-being. The South was very much an agrarian society in the 1860s and that agrarian work was done by slaves. Slavery was the foundation of Southern society, not chivalry or some other nostalgic bullshit that Southerners like to get on about. Now I don't want to tar an entire region with the same brush, so let me say this: I believe that many in the South have renounced the bad old days. But that subset of fools and bigots that cling to it need to grow up. You lost, your society was built on oppression, grow up already.