Friday, August 12, 2005

You are a Target Market

So the other day CNN (which is trying to beat Fox in the race to be the largest repository of idiots on TV I think) goes on about the effect of The Passion of the Christ on Hollywood. Now I must confess that I've never seen The Passion, but I have read the book. The report then went on to say how the success of the gospel according to Mel hadn't really changed Hollywood. The evidence that CNN submitted for this claim was the large number of R-rated films released since The Passion. But wasn't the The Passion an R-rated film? Then the piece turned to the rise in Hollywood of Christian marketers, that is, of people who market films that have some sort of even vaguely biblical message specifically to churches and other Christian groups. Ugh. That's the lesson that Hollywood has learned from Gibson's film, how to sell films to churches. Great.