Saturday, October 01, 2005

Computers Suck (Well, Mine Does)

Yeah, I know that's a really mature sentiment, but that's what I'm feeling like today. I'm trying to set up the whole wireless network thing, and it was all going so well until my damnable HP desktop decided that it hated having a wireless card in it. As a consequence, it shut down. So I took out the wireless card. It was still bitter at me for having the temerity to attempt such an invasive procedure in the first place. So then I took out the other (wired) ethernet card, still nothing. Then I put the wireless card in the slot where the wired card had been. Still nothing. And I mean nothing, I turn it on and nothing happens. What a waste. I'm going to take a crack at fixing it, but really this computer is so outrageously sensitive about drivers and things like that, that I don't have much hope. HP is such a well regarded company, but I'm starting to question whether they've been coasting whilst turning out garbage.