Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I am always amazed at how much of my thinking is dominated by analogy. This was very good when I had to write the Miller Analogy Test to get into teachers college (I did very well on it, thank you). I wonder what it would be like if my mind wasn't always seeking out an analogous comparison for everything. I remember Cormac McCarthy claiming in Blood Meridian that Judge Holden was a completely new archetype with no forbear in literature. And then Harold Bloom, when writing about Blood Meridian basically backed him up. This drove me nuts, because I really wanted at least something to which I could compare Judge Holden. Then I realised that you can make a case for Pyotr Verkhovensky from Dostoevsky's Demons being a sort of Holden-like figure. It all makes sense too, because apparently McCarthy admires Dostoevsky.

I just realised that probably no one knows what the hell I'm talking about unless they've read both Demons and Blood Meridian.