Thursday, January 11, 2007

Morality Play?

Fussy in the Great White North has lauded some CBC type for praising Steve. I've never heard of Larry Zolf, and frankly, I don't care who he is - he's wrong on Harper, or at least he cannot possibly be right.

Zolf calls Harper the most moral Prime Minister in Canadian history. How does he know this? Well, because Harper is "driven" by his morality on a variety of issues. Harper is driven by his own morality? Really? And that makes him the most moral of prime ministers? What if his morality is different from mine or yours? According to Larry Zolf we should like the guy anyway - because he's come from a good place. He has moral values and that's what you should respect. Moreover, how can we know he is driven by morals. Maybe it's just the face he puts on his policies? Does Zolf know Harper personally? I doubt it.

To reinforce this ridiculous stance, Zolf uses a very selective overview of Canadian history to suggest that the Conservatives have historically been more moral than the Liberals. I am not a partisan of the Liberal party, or any party for that matter, but Zolf seems determined to selectively quote history and make very subjective judgments about the morality of two complex entities.

What a crock.