Saturday, January 06, 2007

Harper's Rearranged Deckchairs

Baird to environment? Paul Wells has an anecdote about Dion that he insists is entirely irrelevant. Read it for yourself before deciding though.

The federal minister of having a police state justice got shuffled to treasury where it is hoped that he will cause somewhat less embarrassment to Canada's. Newest. Government. Ever. Actually I'll miss Toews at justice, because on any given day he was neck-and-neck with Stockwell in the race to be the poster child for how truly terrible a Conservative majority would be for Canada. I don't think treasury will give him as many opportunities to talk about police-appointed judges or 10 year-olds doing hard time.

Baird will yell a lot in question period I imagine, but he probably won't end up saying anything truly damaging (he's angry, but not as dense as Stockwell or as unguarded as Toews). Moving Toews though is probably something of an attempt to prevent a really stupid gaffe during an election. By gaffe I mean Toews letting people know how he really feels about stuff.