Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I am shocked! Shocked that anyone would call Harper "far right"

I was reading Cherniak's post about Stephen Taylor's little pants-wetting over CTV's use of the term "Far Right." Cherniak makes the point that Dion is allowed to characterize Harper as he sees fit. Fair enough. What I want to know though is why the Conservatives are so cowed by the term "far right" all of a sudden? Oh wait, they want a majority. Anyone serious examination of Harper's connections should scream "far right" - or at least to the right of mainstream Canadian politics. From the National Citizens Coalition to his stance on Iraq, Harper has lots of far-right credentials.

Oh, and one more thing, Taylor makes the point that CTV needs to address the "issue" of kid gloves. Issue? Please, Harper won't speak to anyone who doesn't treat him with kid gloves. Ask the National Press Gallery.

The Conservatives like to talk tough. They talk tough about terror and law and order, but really, what a bunch of wusses. One soft interview - ON A MORNING SHOW and they start crying in their milk. No one mentioned that either. They probably put Dion in between some guy with zoo animals and a child xylophone prodigy. It's softball TV.

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