Monday, July 30, 2007

Pat Tillman Murdered?

When I first heard that Olbermann was doing a show on whether Pat Tillman may have been deliberately murdered I thought to myself "this is a bit too much in the tinfoil hat-vein for me." But strangely this thing may have legs. It seems to me that this would be unthinkable, even though Tillman's atheism and Iraq war opposition might not make him the most popular man in the Bush administration's view. There's just no way that someone would order a hit on a soldier who turned down potentially millions in NFL dollars to serve his country.

And yet the best way to predict the Bush administration's behaviour is generally to imagine the most cynical, partisan position. Of course nothing that's been said thus far proves anything beyond the fact that this was a case of friendly fire. No one knows under whose orders this sort of action was undertaken. There is a certain amount of reading into this that has to be done and may always have to be done.

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