Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yellow Ribbon Idiocy

I've said before that I feel that, as a gesture, yellow ribbons are somewhat stupid. I think they probably afford more than a few of those that tack them on their cars the ability to feel good about themselves without doing anything to materially support Canadian troops.

Many on the right also seem to try to have it both ways by suggesting that ribbons are just a nice thing to do for the troops regardless of political opinion and that they are a sign of support for the mission that the troops are obliged to undertake. Additionally, Canada has had its own perfectly good symbols to show appreciation to soldiers without needing to import ones from the US (will we put an American flag on the Vimy memorial next?)

Anyway there was a silly mess over Toronto removing these magnets from city-owned vehicles. The usual suspects blamed this on the crazy "Taliban Jack Quislings" of Toronto City Council. Today though we find out that Calgary, the heart of Conservative-land, home to Steve Harper's riding has not and will not put these same things on city vehicles. I await the indignation.

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