Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cognitive Dissonance on Private Health Care

That's what we get from the Canadian Medical Association's new statement on for-profit medicine in Canada. What's so dissonant? Well they claim
Recent polling conducted for the CMA shows that a growing proportion of Canadians may be ready for that debate, with 62% of respondents considering medicare plus [what a nice name for privatization] a "good plan."
Elsewhere in the report though they say:
"the CMA is trying to kick-start a debate that many Canadians, including politicians, would prefer to avoid."
If Canadians think that medicare plus is such a great plan, why aren't they interested in this debate? Why are even the Conservatives not really interested in attempting such a plan? If so many people think it's so swell, what's holding them back? Methinks that the CMA is bullshitting us.

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