Thursday, September 27, 2007

This better be something original, Ian

Ian Urquhart wrote yesterday on the possibility that the referendum for MMP might succeed. He concluded his column with a preview of what he intends to write on Friday:
"A footnote: In my next column, on Friday, I will look at why we should be worried about adopting MMP as our electoral system."
Oh really, Ian? I hope you aren't going to repeat some of the old, shopworn myths that getting trotted out to frighten voters. I hope you aren't going to tell the people that they are getting what they want when they are stuck with a majority elected by a minority. This had better be some really new, earth-shattering discovery of a new, heretofore unknown threat posed by MMP. Your Friday column better be as revolutionary as The Communist Manifesto or On the Origin of Species or else you'll be wasting your time and ours. Otherwise the Star is doing nothing but giving you a higher platform from which to hurl down the same bucket of anti-MMP crap on the voters of this province.

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