Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Naomi Klein interviewed by John Cusack

This is one piece of Cusack's work where he didn't manage to get a small part for Joan. Seriously folks a 1980s film hero interviewing Naomi Klein is pretty kick ass. It's funny though that right-wingers and Jason Cherniak sort of hem and haw about Klein missing the point or being too radical or something. And yet the right-wingers themselves say the same stuff, witness Tom Flanagan's article in the Grope and Flail:
"In times of perceived crisis, a conservative party can win by positioning itself further to the right, as shown by the victories of Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Ralph Klein, Mike Harris and Gordon Campbell. But Canadians don't perceive themselves in crisis right now." (emphasis mine)
Thanks to Holly for illuminating that point in my comments section. And now, for all you who clicked on this because I put "John Cusack" in the title:

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