Saturday, September 22, 2007

They Hate Us for our Mercenaries

Blackwater is back in Iraq, wow that's some sovereignty that the Iraqi government has. BAGnewsNotes has some glamour shots of Blackwater personnel posing in Iraq. The post also has this interesting line:
"What I also can't understand, -- given the average Iraqi's distain for this outfit -- is why Blackwater has the aerial presence in the first place. In reference to the offensiveness, the newswires currently also offer a number of file shots of Blackwater helicopter buzzing Baghdad mosques."
I'm sure if a unit from the US military repeatedly and obviously pisses off the locals for no reason there is at least the hope that a competent commander will reprimand them (though I'm sure some of them just hush things up). With Blackwater it doesn't appear that anything can be done. Is it any wonder that they can escalate their behaviour to shooting at random locals?

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