Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Saving Private Tory

John Tory's platform now includes private healthcare?! First it was the schools, okay, I accept that we need to either extend funding to all religions or have just one school, those are really the only two consistent positions, Tory happened to pick the one I didn't really agree with. Now though he's playing footsie with private for-profit clinics.

There exists a real possibility that this may be the theme of a Tory government. The Liberals have exactly undone the Common Sense Revolution in any fundamental way, I doubt that there's further a PC government could go in the direction of tax cuts with serious anger in this province. Tory's going to advance another angle of the right-wing agenda. What next? Finishing the privatization of electricity in this province?

But he's got a "moderate" label and a bit more warmth than Harris, so that's what the Tories are hoping will save "private" Tory.

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