Saturday, September 22, 2007

Harper's Grand Strategy

Impolitical linked to Tom Flanagan's Globe article laying out what the Conservatives ought to do to seek a permanent majority. Every progressive person, everyone who worries about climate change, everyone who cringes when they hear Stockwell Day slam our Charter ought to read this. These guys have a plan, a plan that isn't particularly new or innovative but one that has worked in several other jurisdictions.

Here's one bit that stood out to me:
"In times of perceived crisis, a conservative party can win by positioning itself further to the right, as shown by the victories of Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Ralph Klein, Mike Harris and Gordon Campbell. But Canadians don't perceive themselves in crisis right now." (emphasis mine)
This reminds me of John Snobelen line about creating a "useful crisis" in education. In both cases the situation seems to be that conservatives and/or Conservatives know that Canadians wouldn't normally go for the types of policies they have in mind; rather they seem aware that they need to exploit a bona fide a crisis, create a crisis, or create the perception of a crisis. This is the opportunity that the Conservatives are looking for, watch out for them, they are looking to hit the panic button.

In a way it must irritate them to come to power with a balanced budget and a relatively healthy economy in a culture that has so far refused to engage in widespread moral panic over same-sex marriage.

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