Thursday, November 08, 2007

We're gonna have a fair trial, then we'll hang'em

Once again Omar Khadr is facing the Guantanamo kangaroo court. As has been the case, Canada's Crusty Government will study its shoes and pretend nothing is happening:
"Unlike other Western governments who secured the release of their citizens, Canada has refused to intervene in Khadr's case. A Foreign Affairs official here to observe today's hearing said she could not comment."
I don't know why we are not interested in protecting the rights of our citizens any more. Yes the Khadrs are odious, but I don't recall where it says that our laws or our diplomatic corps are only to serve nice people. The fact that the government-appointed military attorneys and judges have already scuttled this process twice before is probably a sign that the Canadian government ought to step in and say to Washington "Look, this isn't working, your military people - those that ought to be most interesting in 'getting' Khadr - have already repeatedly found fault with the process, it's time for this to end."

It is shameful that we will not step in and end this poorly-conceived process as directed against someone whose fitness to stand trial is seriously in doubt.

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