Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Best Buy: Defender of Fair Use

Wait... what? Michael Geist points out an op-ed piece in which consumer electronics giant Best Buy lays out some very sensible provisions for any new copyright law:
  1. No private copying levy
  2. No multiple payments to collectives for the same transaction
  3. Protection from DRM rather than protection for DRM
  4. Flexible fair dealing
  5. No lawsuits for private, non-commercial activities
I'm starting to become cautiously optimistic that the country has woken up sufficiently to the possibility of a really terrible new copyright law. That being the case, I hope that it will be a great deal more difficult for Jim Prentice to sneak by some kind of truly terrible law without people noticing. Certainly if Best Buy perceives this as a threat to their business they have the capacity to make a great deal of noise about this.

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