Wednesday, January 02, 2008

People who want a Harper majority predict that he will get it

If you read between the lines of this National Post article, it's fairly apparent that those who support Harper predict that he will get a majority. Says the Post,
"Canadians predict Stephen Harper and Hillary Clinton will win in national elections this year in their respective countries, but only one in three thinks the Conservative prime minister can break through and obtain a majority government, a national poll reveals."
One third, eh? How many Canadians support the Conservatives again?
"A Dec. 21 Ipsos-Reid horse race poll showed the Tories at 35% and the Grits at 33%."
Oh, so statistically 1/3 of Canadians. Maybe it's Liberal supporters that are filled with self-doubt that are making this prediction. Let's look at these numbers again:
"Respondents in Quebec gave Harper his slimmest chance of winning a majority -- only 26% expected a majority win --while those in Alberta, at 55%, predicted his greatest shot at winning control of the House of Commons."
So the province where Harper is most popular is also the province where they predict a majority - yep, I was right.

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