Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fact: The Alberta Human Rights Commission can't protect you from bear attacks

Today I see that Ezra Levant is being offered up as some kind of martyr by Stephen Taylor. There seems to be a vague attempt to reference Martin Niemöller's poem - perhaps too vague to be a Godwin's Law-type situation, but still.

If I am honest, there is some kind of case to be made for very robust free-speech laws, the problem is that Ezra is such a self-important, hyperbole-driven asshole who appears to have published the cartoons simply as a kind of publicity-stunt for his faltering (now failed) magazine. What's funny if you go to Taylor's site is how Ezra comes off in the hearings. He reminds me of TV's favourite assistant to the regional manager, Dwight Schrute. If Ezra had the shred of self-awareness that would allow him to get around his playground ego he might have some kind of a case.

And now, what you really want: Compare and contrast, first Ezra:

Now Dwight:


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