Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Computers are Ironic

Now that I'm apparently in a world of computer hurt, I'm looking at new ones. I've thought for a while about getting a Mac. Being that I like arts-type things more than, say, gaming or ripping apart computers to examine them, a Mac makes a lot of sense for me.

The people I know who are the most ardent defenders of Windows tend to either a) like to play a lot of games (many of which are not available for Macs) or b) have the sort of technical knowledge that allows them to mess around and truly customize a Windows-based computer. I know a little bit about computers and how their insides work, but not nearly enough to dick around in BIOS and feel confident that I'm not destroying everything. A simple, stable platform like the Mac is much more fitting to my needs and interests. It speaks volumes about them that they include something like Garage Band in their basic software. These people understand me.

So where is the afforementioned irony? Well, I have an iPod Mini, and the way that the mini is set up is such that it will work with Windows or Mac. One or the other, not both - or so my understanding goes. So the one piece of equipment that arguably gets the most exposure for Apple is now one of the major impediments to me getting a Mac. If I don't get a Mac, one of the reasons is that I can't use it to interface with the one piece of Apple hardware that I already own.