Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Good Day

Today was my day off, and I think for once I made pretty good use of it. It started slow, but once I got outside things got going. I went downtown and looked at books and CDs mainly. I ended up with new Constantines CD, if you're wondering.

As I was checking out CDs I got a call from Neil, we hadn't seen Jarhead yet and this felt like a good time to do that. In the meantime I went off to Songbird to look at basses and the like. They have one there that's just like the one in the Bedouin Soundclash's video for When the Night Feels My Song. It's cool little instrument, if a bit odd. It's scale is the same as that of a guitar though which, for reasons that involve physics that I don't care to explain in the space I have here, means that it would probably have the perfect tone for a band like Bedouin Soundclash.

Having ogled the instruments, it was time for me to check the movie listings which I did at the Starbucks down the road from Songbird. Flipping through Now, I saw that the Stars were coming to town. I thought, "I cannot miss this! Too many concerts have slipped by me, but not this one!" and so back to Rotate This to get tickets. Then it was off to the Queen Mother Cafe where I had some curry and roti-type thing. Then we were off to see Jarhead, I don't know that it lived up to the hype, but a good film all the same. All told, pretty good for an afternoon and evening where I had no real plans.