Monday, January 15, 2007

The Relativity of Theories

Today Paul Wells reports the following:
The guy who told our own Luiza Chwialkowska Savage that this surge would be a great idea has since listened to the new Defence Secretary and decided that, as implemented, the surge "makes no military sense."
Oh. So yeah, great idea to surge the troops, good plan Sec. Gates, but uh, we're not so sure about your implementation. Indeed, as implemented it's not so hot, I'm sure though that General Keane was certain about the fundamental brilliance of the theory.

Oh the theories! Since 2002 we've learned that:
  • In theory US and coalition soldiers would be greeted as liberators.
  • In theory Iraqis could build a coherent, functioning, multi-ethnic, government in a couple years.
  • In theory the insurgency would wither away as people became accustomed to democracy.
Folks, any pundit, military boss, politician or other talking head who defends his or herself with the whole "in theory" line of reasoning should be blacklisted by the media. These weren't theories they were wishes based on the best-case scenarios.