Friday, January 12, 2007

This week's common theme

I reckon the common theme this week has to be the departure of Paul's fair-weather friends. Wajid was a Tory before Martin recruited him, Lapierre was a separatist or at least a strong Quebec nationalist, and Buzz, oh Buzz. Now he actually expects Layton to listen to him, he isn't even talking in Dion's direction. Is Buzz trying to kiss and make-up with the Dippers? Probably.

What does this mean for the Liberals? They are closer to where they were in 2003. When they could win majorities - remember those days? Martin's undoing was trying to be all things to all people, at least that's one of the things that seemed to sink him. I don't know about Buzz, but shedding a pro-business so-con like Khan, a separatist like Lapierre may actually be not so bad.