Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Contradictions of Canada's Hawks

Jack Granatstein has a new book about Canada's military and Canada's role in the world. According to Andrew Preston's review in the Globe, Granatstein's book operates from two basic premises:
  • Canada needs to have a robust military to protect Canada's national interests at home and abroad.
  • Canada needs to safeguard its relationship with the United States.
So Granatstein tells us that to defend our national interests, we need a strong military. Granatstein also tells us that our interests are mainly about staying friendly with the US. But wait, the US has a strong military. If there's one thing that the US does not need help with, it's military power. So what's the point Jack? One wonders if Jack's wish for Canada to be an eternal junior partner in some one else's foreign policy is something akin to Arthur Meighen's affection for British imperialism in another generation (see above).