Monday, November 12, 2007

Details are a Bitch, Flaherty

The Star has an article today in which the TD Bank's chief economist - among others - points out how little anyone will actually receive from Flaherty's mini-budget tax cuts. Even though most low-income earners will receive very little from this benefit, the Conservatives can still go to the polls as "tax-cutters." They've even got a commercial to demonstrate how bad the Liberals would bungle the tax file: Dion is shrugging! Numbers! Uh-oh, the numbers keep going up! Out-of-context quote! Danger!

It is an insult to our intelligence that the Conservatives put these ads on the television. Were I, in some parallel universe, actually considering voting for the Conservatives I think the sort of intelligence-insulting adverts they put on would surely drive me away from them. Perhaps that's why they're stalled in the polls.

Update: Scott's take on the matter.

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