Friday, August 19, 2005

Allegorical Bush Administrations

Watching the TV here and there, I very rarely catching enough episodes of any given series to let me get a feel for the characters. That said, I have seen the show House on Fox on a couple times. It seems that one of the trademarks of the show is that House always comes up with some kind of crazy treatment that will either work or kill the patient. Everyone has to trust that House is right or something. It strikes me that this is how the current US administration frames issues. "Our solution may very well be destructive, there is just no alternative." In the case of Iraq, this is exactly what they did. The was was supposedly the only option. Except it wasn't. In the real world, unlike the TV world of House, there are often a number of workable solutions to a problem, and anyone who says, "follow my plan or you will surely die" is almost certainly presenting you with a false choice.