Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina and the Waves

Yes, that's what Much More Music played this morning. Yeah, tasteful. I was waiting for them to play New Orleans is Sinking by The Hip.

It appears that New Orleans is now uninhabitable and will be for some time. This is a big city and now there are probably something like one million people displaced. I was thinking about this, and this kind of internal displacement within the US is something that hasn't been seen since at least the Great Depression and possibly since the end of the Civil War.

As Atrios and others have pointed out, what's the deal with the media obsession with looting in New Orleans. I'm sorry, but if my home was gone and all the shops were closed, I'd smash a store to get food. What's the alternative for these people? Drinking dirty contaminated water and resorting to eating pets and engaging in cannibalism?