Thursday, August 25, 2005

Delegitimizing a Clown

I propose that, in light of his recent comments, we make a subtle change in how we refer to Pat Robertson. In calling to assassinate a democratically elected leader, Robertson has shown such hatefulness. Setting aside Chavez's life, I think Robertson fails to see what that sort of thing could unleash. Coups and assassinations are often followed by things like strongmen, unrest, civil war. Robertson is advocating unleashing forces that could result in hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent lives being taken. In this light, I think it's sensible to stop referring to him as a "Christian" broadcaster, activist, commentator, pundit, or whatever. There are plenty of people of faith who are in the public eye without that tag, and I think that as long as Robertson uses faith as a bludgeoning stick to cow followers into supporting his idiotic and ungodly ideas on public affairs, we shouldn't be calling him explicitly Christian. I have no idea what Robertson believes in his heart, I don't know the man. He may be a believer, he may be a clever trickster, but by calling him a Christian leader it somehows implies that the policies he advocates are somehow the will of Christ. I very seriously doubt that they are in this particular case.