Thursday, November 24, 2005


Post-rock is such a dumb name for a genre. "Post" is supposed to mean "after," is it not? And yet rock is still happening. Moreover rock is probably more vital now than it has been in ten years, so I don't know who came up with this stupid name. It's probably the dumbest genre name since "emo" came along.

All that aside, I do like a number of post-rock bands. Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Polmo Polpo come to mind. I don't know whether SIANspheric is post-rock or neo-shoegazer or what, but I like them too. I like the big cinematic landscapes of this bands. I like that there are no lyrics. If there were lyrics, people might think it was prog-rock. I suppose so long as we got written promises that the lyrics would not reference science fiction, Lord of the Rings, greek myth, Wagner's operas, fantasy online video games, or anything else like that.