Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Aesthetic Possibilities of the Garage

I went to get my brakes done yesterday. To say that this is not the most exciting thing to do with an afternoon is perhaps an understatement. All the same, I have to say that I get some kind of aesthetic pleasure from being in a garage. Not the shiny new ones in car dealerships, I mean the interesting old ones that are owned by the mechanic who will work on your car. I suppose this is natural since I've always had a fascination with mechanical things. I like the unintended aesthetic of industry. In high school I had this photography project where we had to photograph architecture. Everyone did churches and office towers, and frankly, those bored the hell out of me as photo subjects. So I went and shot all these steel mills instead. Steel mills, when looked at the right way, can be beautiful. The same goes for garages in my eye.