Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I have tickets to see the Stars when they play Lee's Palace! Yay me! I've often wondered how they'd translate live. The last album is probably the most live-friendly material they've done. Of course the cover they did of This Charming Man on their debut would also make a lovely live experience. I haven't seen them live before, but I sort of have. By this I mean that I saw Broken Social Scene live, and there is some personnel crossover between the two bands. Amy Millan of Stars and Emily Haines of Metric dueted Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl when I saw BSS and it was so beautiful. The last lines of that song are:
"Park that car/Drop that phone/Sleep on the floor/Dream about me" repeated over and over again. It's so simple and beautiful and live they drew it out. I can't remember which one, but either Amy or Emily starts out those lines doesn't just launch into the repeated litany (it's almost a secular prayer, those lines), but rather they stick to the first line and draw it out. Paaaaaaaaaaaaark thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat caaaaaaaaaaaar. Over and over and over, and everyone knew it was coming. They let that line swell up until the final litany burst out. So any show now that involves Amy Millan is exciting for me.