Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Note to Peter Van Loan

I caught the member for York Simcoe, Peter Van Loan on CBC radio going on about how Canada's. Newest. Government. EVAR. was going to have forums on Canadian democracy and such. One of the issues that Van Loan discussed was the level of "decorum" in parliament. I don't have a transcript just yet, but the implication he made was that parliament could use a bit more of it.

Sorry Petey, but you're wrong, democracy is loud, it's raucous, it does not always look like a church social. I will err on the side of less decorum every time, I have to confess that the only thing that really bothered me about MacKay calling Stronach a dog was that the national media took so much time obsessing over it. Let it all fly, if any one member makes too much of an ass out of him or herself by heckling or insulting, the ballot box will take care of said member.

I'd rather have it that way than having MPs worried that their words might bring a tear to the eye of Steve's inner child. The national press gallery was so mean and hurtful that he sent them all away, but will he just get hurt again, this time by his colleagues in the House?