Saturday, September 03, 2005

9/11 in Slow Motion

That's the feeling that I get about Katrina. Sure the initial storm and flooding must have taken many, many lives. But how many are now dying from lack of food, water, medication and other basic necessities? This has been a problem for a week now, and they are moving too slow. The guy who runs FEMA is such a dumbass and he looks it on TV.

To paraphrase: "Duuuuuh, duh, I didn't know there was people in the convention centre, duuuuh... Wanna see how many fingers I can put in my ass, Paula?"

He's an idiot, someone should fire his ass. But considering that they won't fire Rummy, fat chance.

So in the meantime, more and more die. In slow motion this death toll rises. 1000? 2000? In the meantime Assclown Brown tells us what he doesn't know and is incapable of doing.