Thursday, September 01, 2005

Race and Disaster

Look at who is hardest hit in this disaster. The picture are overwhelming of poor black people. The stories where people actually get to talk are almost all the stories of whites. Those hardest hit have no voice in the media. This is 2005, but this is also the deep south. It seems that Jim Crow is never all that far away. So what is the solution for all the impoverished of New Orleans? Park them in the Astrodome for several months! There are no military barracks, dormitories or any other, more suitable facilities? In the meantime, they can't seem to supply anything. The mayor says they lack buses, food, water, hospital facilities. Again, would this happen to a predominantly white population in the US? Is it impertinent to ask this? Perhaps. But to pretend that there are no classes in the US or that race is a non-issue in the US is to believe a myth.