Saturday, November 26, 2005

Submitted for Your Consideration

Okay blogosphere (that is the dumbest word ever - scratch that). Okay sundry internet users who are reading my blog - deliberately or by accident - what do you think? This is a pastel sketch I did for a painting I'm going to do for my friend's office. The project's parameters were pretty much the word "bloom" and that it be a painting (as opposed to a sculpture or performance piece or something). So while it's for an office, it's hardly a "please match my couch" type of piece. Thank you Kie for trusting me with that kind of leeway. I've already had a couple really good compliments from people I really respect - so I'm not fishing for anything like that - I just want some honest feedback. This is going to be committed to canvas by the end of the year.
In the meantime controller.controller is revealing layers of beauty amid their punk-disco sound, check them out.