Friday, December 09, 2005

Help Argentina's Workers

Heather posted this, and I think it's worth passing on. So I'll take a stab at as the Go! Team plays the soundtrack to the coolest party I've never been to in the background.

I actually I have some awareness of this issue ever since seeing the Toronto premiere of The Take with Jam. (Side note: ooooh, I saw Naomi and Avi in person!) The Take is a documentary about Argentina's workers and what they did after their government's economic policies screwed the whole country. Businesses were shutting down everywhere, people were being forced out of work. Instead of accepting the whims of big business (like workers are told they have to) workers in Argentina did something else. Since many of these companies owed them wages the workers felt little guilt about going back into shuttered businesses and restarting the machines.

To make a long story short, people decided to do something other than accept what their corporate masters told them (in short, "there are no jobs, go away"). Of course there were all kinds of legal battles since what the workers are doing definitely falls into a legal gray area. The petition here is all about appealing to the leaders of Argentina to support the workers as they recover businesses that the corporate elite are happy to let decay. The workers of Hotel Bauen are not asking for a handout, or special treatment. They are asking for an opportunity to earn a living.