Sunday, December 04, 2005

Things Said This Evening

Tonight we had a little gathering for Michelle, our favourite Denver resident before she heads to Ireland to visit Deb. A couple things stuck in my mind as funny quotes, and so here I will share them with you:

Michelle on living in Denver:
"I'm a woman, and I didn't know that was a problem until I moved to America"

Neil to American Apparel cashier:
"I don't have my wallet, and I'm wearing your underwear."

Another Neil-American Apparel staff exchange:
"I need green tea to help with my hangover."
"I work at Starbucks, let me go across the street and get you some."
"If you bring me green tea I'll give you 50% off your underwear."


In a more serious exchange, I tried to explain my anxiety with dancing. I would very much love to dance, to go to a club or some other place and go dancing. But I fear that I'm terrible at it. The usual reply was raised: you just have to let go, don't worry about other people think. And I replied that I wasn't worried about other people, I was worried about what I would think. Upon further reflection, I find that statement not entirely accurate. I think what I really fear is not being able to do justice to the music. I don't know that I could adequately explain what I mean beyond that. I don't want to flail, but I don't want to be lame and just bounce side-to-side either. Like I said, the whole thought of it fills me with anxiety. I need someone with an insane amount of patience to drag me out on the floor I guess... Any takers?

Yeah... That's what I thought...