Thursday, December 08, 2005

I have dating autism

Okay, that's probably offensive. So let me try and explaing this so you all understand. Today I just learned that "a girl who talks about seeing a movie, when she's not all that into movies is a baited hook." Oh. I thought it was just a discussion about film. This is my problem, I become so focused on the subject matter for the conversation, on ideas or art or whatever, that the other person gets lost in my mind.

I had no idea, none whatsoever that this was a hint. How many of these have I missed in my life? I'm not going to flatter myself and suggest that everyone's lining up to date me (they really aren't), but if I'm completely missing it this time, how can I know who is interested? Like someone with autism, it seems I'm completely in my own world. There is very limited communication that gets in our out of this world it seems, and what does is often confused and confusing.

So yeah, you'd pretty much need to shout out in my face "I WANT YOU TO ASK ME OUT!" Except that wouldn't work, because, well, I'd assume it was a joke, or a ploy. Dammit.